About Us


REDGOB was launched on November 29, 2003 in Barcelona. The founding members include the Instituto Internacional de Gobernabilidad de Cataluña, the Institut für Iberoamerika-Kunde (which changed the name to GIGA Institute of Latin American Studies), the Nuffield College at the University of Oxford, the Institute for Political Studies in Paris (Sciences Po), and the University of Salamanca as well as the European mission of the IDB. The primary motivation was to create a space for reflection and debate on the issues of gobernability, public policy and development in Latin America and the Caribbean by contrasting and comparing the experiences of Europe and Latin America. In the mean time, it is not only that Latin America has been learning from European experiences, but Europe has began to find the different Latin American experiences interesting and relevant for its own development and evolution.

The RedGob takes its most important decisions through its Member Assembly and is administered by a Pro Tempore Presidency.

The Member Assembly is composed of all the network's member institutions.

The Pro Tempore Presidency is currently held by:

Dr. Manuel Alcántara Sáez
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

Facultad de Derecho
Tel: 923 29 44 00 - Ext. 3510 
Fax 923 29 45 16 
Email: malcanta@usal.es

Statute of Red Gob